Alana Voglewede

Car Conversations with My Sister

My eyes flicker from the road 
to my sister slumping in the passenger seat. 
My fingers wrap around the steering wheel 
and my knuckles turn white.

The words tumble 
from my mouth 
before I can convince myself I’m faking it.

“I go to therapy.”

              There, I said it.
              Four words and I’m met with silence. 
              My eyes search for hers.

              She faces the window.

              I choke the steering wheel, 
              waiting and waiting. 
              My face burns pink like 
              last night when she applied my blush. 
              My rapid breaths and squealing brakes 
              fill the car as I get to a stop sign.

Finally, she opens her mouth. 
              I anticipate the relief, 
              imagining a butterfly 
              taking flight with my burdens.

She replies with two words 
that break my heart. 
“You’re lying.”

So I do what I've done since the beginning,
I laugh along and answer,
“Good joke, right?”

Alana Voglewede attends St. Joseph High School; Voglewede tied for third place in the Charles Crupi Memorial Poetry Contest for Michigan High School students. For more information on the contest, please visit the Albion College English Department website.

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