2022 Issue

Samantha Zink, Untitled

Table of Contents

Art, Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, and Poetry

Samantha Bieth, “Giants”

Johanna Ziegler, “The View from My Hilltop”

Mercury-Marvin Sunderland, “Sword in the Stoned”

Isabel Galgano, “For Making Soup (or, To the Bells)”

Attalea Rose, “Matilda”

Jacob Reisinger, “A Façade of Light”

Juliana G. Riedman, “Campground Botany for Beginners”

Jacob Reisinger, “Delineation of Man”

Daniel Ciochina, Plethora

Cade Thomas, Untitled

Kaylee Thornsberry, Ailene

Saule Gollihue, Unrecognized Clarity

Chalara Sutton, Only Black Girl in the World

Olivia Lorenzoni, Lemon Drop Cortisol Levels

Olivia Lorenzoni, Replacing Pollyanna Optimism

Connor Colburn, “Tyrant of Light”

Avery Knoll, “deicide”

Madison Rowan Taylor, “nostalgia”

Joshua Ward, “The Hill at the Bottom of the Stars”

Heidie Raine, “Mimosas with Ruth”

Julia McConnell, “Spectral”

Anthony B. Roose, “Red”

Kora Orosz, “On Fathers”

Charles Crupi Memorial Poetry Contest for Michigan High School Students

Ray Zhang, “My grandma hands me a jade pendant”
1st place

Neva Ensminger-Holland, “Please Remind My Mother It’s Not My Fault”
2nd place (tie)

Avery Gendler, “Anthem”
2nd place (tie)

Alana Voglewede, “Car Conversations with My Sister”
3rd place (tie)

Emily Watson, “My First Panic Attack in the Art Hallway Bathroom, First Stall”
3rd place (tie)

Book Reviews

All Heathens by Marianne Chan
Review by Akane Sturtevant

Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley
Review by Lydia Gilbert

Cover Art

Samantha Zink, Untitled

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