Avery Knoll


i bring ink to leatherbound pages
long enough to see dawn etch herself across my bedsheets,
breathing in pale blue light to exhale divinity.
seeds fall from my fingertips and larkspurs bloom
along paper cemeteries.
i dance barefoot,
unafraid between tombstones, burying 
and reanimating darling after darling,
creating the universe just to set it ablaze.
i rule over these words and they bend to my will.

tonight, my pen betrays me,
lodges between my ribs— 
i bleed without meter,
amaranthine hues staining the page.
to think, 
once i had been immortal.
dead poets taunt me from their shelves,
their laughter echoes around my room:

foolish child, you are no god

Avery Knoll is a senior English major from Virginia Beach, Virginia; she is working to complete her undergraduate degree at the University of Toledo. She hopes to one day pursue an MFA in Creative Writing, and has aspirations to be a novelist. While she has primarily worked in short fiction writing, she recently found an appreciation for poetry and has just finished workshopping her first unpublished collection, Kindest Regards from the Jubilee Line.

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