2023 Issue

Evelyn Garduno, Lesbianism: The Forbidden Fruit

Table of Contents


Kaloni Borno, “Collage Works”

Kaloni Borno, “h.i.m.”

Kaloni Borno, “Untitled”

Olivia Colletti, “Charcoal Dog Drawing”

Evelyn Garduno, “Lesbianism: The Forbidden Fruit”***

Allyson Givens, “Contemplation”

Charles Crupi Memorial Poetry Contest for Michigan High School Students

Sadie Burch, “Women in Broken Showers”
1st place

Ashmi Ranjan, “Kindling”
2nd place

Greer Engle-Roe, “Homestead Orchard”
3rd place (tie)

Emily Pickering, “When All the Lights Had Dimmed”
3rd place (tie)

Creative Nonfiction

Andrew Keith, “Home”

Madeline O’Connor, “Normalize Being Scared Out of Your Fucking Mind”

Jamie Manjarrez, “Bodied” ***

Emily Vest, “What Is the Epitome of Beauty?”


Sara Brimer, “When my Mother Sold her Soul to the Bricks”

Eila Chin, “When the Pink Suns Fade”

Saahil Poonawala, “The Songbird’s Tree”

Andrew Ramirez, “Five Months in 1970”

Gracie Schwenk, “Dandelions”

Ze’ev Shaheen, “Renovations”

Brynlee Wolfe, “A Conversation Between Endangered Species”


Sarah Aziz, “A Letter to My Sisters”

Oliver Brooks, “I Want to Marry My Best Friend”

Elizabeth Buehl, “Perennial Sunshine”

Meabh Cadigan, “What We Sīen”

Skye Crawford, “All He Knows”

Skye Crawford, “I’m Sorry, Momma”

Emma CrowE, “The Death of a Myth”

Emma CrowE, “My Insides Are My Own”

Meagan Graves, “Consider the Jellyfish”

Meagan Graves, “For Gingersnap”

Noelle Hendrickson, “We Caught Grasshoppers in Small-Town Alabama”

Noelle Hendrickson, “The Voyeur”

Leah Hesser, “Homesick”

Dihzinlik Holden, “Shunned History”

Daisy Houghton, “Gold”

Tomia Jones, “Igbo Landing”

Tomia Jones, “When the Sun Goes Down”

Ella LaBarre, “a reason to live”

Chloë Moore, “Roadkill”

Crystal Murr, “Illness”

Tâm Nguyễn, “stardust anomaly”

Julia Nuti, “Altar”***

Donald Pepka, “Convertible”

Donald Pepka, “Nebula”

Genevieve Richards, “Pandemic Job Boom Recession”

Delaney Scheidler, “men”

Delaney Scheidler, “pigeon”

Khai-Linh Kaitlyn Thai, “the moon and me”

Weijing Xu, “Waves and Feathers”

Cover Art

Evelyn Garduno, Lesbianism: The Forbidden Fruit

***Winners of the Albion Review Art, poetry, and prose contests.

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