Crystal Murr


subaru commercials 		can’t 		compare to 
the dark curve of an eyebrow 	poised to strike 		amusement  /  desire		 into	 bodies 
designed 	for both					 wonder	 and		 balance

once forgotten women
etched into wallpaper			do not bleed yellow 			do not exist
as a 	source	of concern for 	muddling doctors/husbands’  names
lost to history	   and patients  / wives of 	doctors / husbands
robbed of time

mental illness	     	and  		sexuality
originate from a body
of wonder
un	accustomed
		to balance
i am neither crazy	nor 	questioning

a			husband  /  doctor			cannot cure

Crystal Murr is working to complete a BA in English and Spanish from the University of North Florida. An avid and owl enthusiast from Merritt Island, Florida, Murr’s work has appeared in Divot: A Journal of Poetry and Listen to Her UNF.

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