Julia Nuti


My grandmother lives in an undustable home,
Our Lady of Guadalupe figurines lined up like a choir.

	The figurine choir of Our Lady watches over
	Framed wedding photographs, silk flowers, paper flowers,

Dried flowers, framed photographs of wedding flowers.
I’ve spent two decades not touching them.

	I waited two decades to touch you.
	Will you sit with me amongst this altar to my life?

A place on the altar to my life waits for you.
Waits for framed pictures of our wedding flowers.

	Flowers dried and framed. I waited for this.
	Hoped I could make clean a dusty heart.

Clean the dust off of this hopeful heart.
Come gather dust with me in my grandmother’s home. 

Julia Nuti is a third-year student at San Diego State University. She is pursuing majors in English and Philosophy as well as the Weber Honors College minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies. She is originally from the East Bay Area. 

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