Noelle Hendrickson

We Caught Grasshoppers in Small-Town Alabama

In the bible, they swarm. Here, they cover
the springtime like dew. We lunge. She tells me
that the noises are meant to attract females,
we laugh. In the Bible, they devastate. Here, 
we swipe them from the air, like bluebirds, like
hawks, like the hand of god, if god were a pair
of barefoot girls in worn overalls. In the west
jumps the rainbow grasshopper, larger, flying
over red rock and desert grassland. The colors
are a warning, she tells me. Still, we don’t have
them here. We only have these.

Noelle Hendrickson is a junior at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah, and is pursuing a degree in English/Creative Writing. She previously served as Editor-in-Chief of UVU’s oldest literary journal, Touchstones. Her writing has previously appeared in The Allegheny Review and on In her free time, she posts book reviews on Instagram @noelleandherbooks. Her full portfolio can be found at

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