Tomia Jones

Igbo Landing

	May 1803

From Igbo to the unknown
A sunken date. 

Iron cuffs bind our ankles—
Our necks are rust of sweat
against the mist of saltwater. 

Djemba African drums play to the beat 
of hearts as woven knots strike
the skin on our backs. 
We can’t breathe. 

White is a pigment not like copper,
lighter shades aren’t familiar to the eye. 
It turns our stomachs as we moan 
to the crashing of waves 
in the belly of the beast.

Jump for eternity, a blue abyss.
Jump for family love.
Jump for freedom. 
Freedom went with us 
when we chose the sea.

Tomia Jones is a junior at Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi, pursuing a degree in  Creative Writing. Her writing has appeared in the Mississippi Poetry Society. She enjoys reading mystery novels, spending time with family, and finding new writing topics. Her academic research is focused on poetry and creative nonfiction. Her writing is inspired by everyone she loves and holds dear to her heart.

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