Tomia Jones

When the Sun Goes Down

Nighttime in Mississippi
Where Bessie’s Café is live,
we dance, juke, and jive,
but the streetlights come on.
Mama calls us in
before we sneak to sin.

As we walk in, the screen door squeaks.
Granny starts praying
ending today’s playing

When the sun goes down…

Mangy dogs howl.
Papa yells, drinks liquor
and then his lighter flickers.

The smell of sweet cornbread in the kitchen.
Dinner is prepared and set
while we wash away sweat.
Our sheets are pulled back.
We drift off to sleep
and Mama kisses our cheeks.

the sun 
goes down.

Tomia Jones is a junior at Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi, pursuing a degree in  Creative Writing. Her writing has appeared in the Mississippi Poetry Society. She enjoys reading mystery novels, spending time with family, and finding new writing topics. Her academic research is focused on poetry and creative nonfiction. Her writing is inspired by everyone she loves and holds dear to her heart.

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