Leah Hesser


I talked to the mountains today.
They told me that they miss you.
They whispered in my ear 
and told me they miss the way
you smile, when you breathe in the wind,
that they can no longer picture
what your hair looks like when you run.
The changing sky is not the same without you,
they say to me quietly.
Every day they ask me where you’ve been,
and I never know what to tell them.
I talked to the mountains today.
I told them that I miss you too.

Leah Hesser is a senior at Arizona State University and is pursuing a major in Biology with a minor in English Literature. Her major is focused in Biomedical Science, but she has a true passion for English, specifically in writing. A previous publication appeared in the literary journal Quirk. Growing up in the Arizona desert has clearly become a part of her inspiration as her last publication is titled “Mountain.”

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