Eli Slover

Hiking the Acadia Coastline, October 9, 2020

In spring, the hyacinth could
never bloom as brightly as you.
Then, the colors were warmer. 
In your sweet laughter’s light,
I followed you to the water's edge.

The sea whispered to us.
Still and holy was the tide.
No storm was bent to ride
ink-filled waves crashing
down on a slipping head.

I walked dream-like in Acadia
and felt only warmth.
The tide pools tempered
my spirit and nothing,
nothing once did I want.

I have been cast from our fall
meadows, from our highlands,
from misty morning coastlines,
from the tall twilight realms
we wandered softly together.

Now, saltwater fills my mouth.
The ocean is everything.

Eli Slover is a junior at Missouri State University; he is pursuing a dual degree in English Creative Writing and Psychology. His poetry has appeared in Black Fox, Page & Spine, Yes Poetry, and elsewhere. He serves as an assistant poetry editor for Moon City Review.

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