Luna Dragon Mac-Williams

Lover Meets the Air

I really don’t mind the carving, core
for corporeal affection. I wish the 
universe had a hand to pull, to kiss in 
all my hometown’s bright corners. 

Yours stands in & sweetly. I love 
this world through you. The paleteros 
in your laughspells, the nests in your 
neckline. The river in your wrist bone, 
your sunrise soft. 

What blueprint plotted this all out 
& built me next to you? What god got bold 
& birthed a city I didn’t want to ruin? 

You make me forget to fear the morning. 
I think I knew you before we were made. 

Luna Dragon Mac-Williams is a writer, actor, dancer, jeweler, and arts educator that roots her work in radical compassion and joy. She teaches theater, writing, and their intersection with activism through After School Matters in her hometown of Chicago. She is an undergraduate student of theater, education, and writing at Wesleyan University, and a semi-finalist for Definition Theater’s 2020 Amplify festival. Her poetry has been published in SWWIM, Inverted Syntax, Flying Ketchup, Seven Circle, Funicular, and Ariel’s Dream. She is a nominee for the 2020 Pushcart Prize.

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