Fiction Prompts

  1. You find out a secret about your great-grandparent that risks your identity and your future.
  2. You are aboard a ship to space. Everything seems fine until some of your crew members are found dead.
  3. A little girl is kidnapped, starting a new civil war.
  4. You travel back in time to warn your past self of the future. On the way to your childhood home, you run into your future selves.
  5. Seeking your brother who is lost in the woods, you befriend an old blind witch. To help you cope with your grief, she teaches you how to sew. On your birthday, she hands you a leather jacket with a familiar mark.
  6. Obsessed with Greek mythology, you travel to Greece. There, you stumble upon a town with people who have eerily similar characteristics to your favorite Greek gods and goddesses.
  7. You make a deal with a short, eccentric man to save your brother’s life. He says that he will come back when he needs you to uphold your end of the bargain. It is twenty years later and there’s a knock on your door. It’s the short, eccentric man who hasn’t aged at all.
  8. You find yourself shipwrecked on a deserted island by yourself. Thirsty, you find a spring and drink water from there. Months later when help has arrived, you realize that you cannot leave the island.
  9. You find yourself lost in a small town after your car has broken down. The people of the town are nice but strange. One night you wake up after hearing a weird noise outside your motel. Looking out the window, you see all the town’s people sleep-walking toward your room.
  10. You find an interesting key at an antique store in a different country. Coming home, you realize that it can open the door in the basement that has been locked since you moved in three years ago.
  11. The crotchety old man at the end of the street passes away and leaves his inheritance to you. You have no relation to this man to your knowledge and had one conversation with him.
  12. In a time where disease has been eradicated for hundreds of years and the study of medicine has become antiquated, a young child develops a never before seen rash and dies.
  13. You receive an inheritance from an estranged uncle. When going to his mansion to sign some documents, you meet nine others who share the same name and eerily similar pasts as you.
  14. As tradition stands, royal families must fight to the death to secure who is next in line to the throne. The only person left in your family besides your father, the king, is your twin.
  15. Locked in an asylum for fifteen years because of a mistaken diagnosis, you are able to escape only to find the world you once knew is wrought by havoc.
  16. You read your mother’s diary and you realize that she is not you thought she was. Nor are you who you thought you were.
  17. You have been searching for the author of your favorite children’s book who has been reportedly a hermit for years. On your way to a coffee shop, you give change to the homeless person on the street, only to realize that this is who you have been searching for.
  18. You give your girlfriend your necklace, an old family heirloom that has been worn for generations, as a token before you leave for a long trip. However, once she puts it on, she turns to dust.
  19. You’re walking down the street when you pass someone that looks quite familiar. It’s not until they look back at you that you realize that this is the kid who went missing in your neighborhood twenty years ago.
  20. You wake up to a strange pain in your left hand. Glancing down, you realize that your hand is slowly turning into stone.

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